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Bear Family in Sky Harbor

Believe it or not the is my first Bear Sighting. The family of four were just off the main road heading to the Back side of Sky Harbor. To my I Do cabin. Cars were lined up snapping pictures. The bears didnt mind they just kept foraging and glancing up every so often....

Dollywood WHOADEO!!

We were st foodcity and saw this flyer... How fun does this sound! Plus its FREE.

Research MODE

Property investing with self directed Solo 401k. This is my new obsession. It's gonna happen soon. **If your reading this and have recommendations PM me.**

I just LOVE Wet Your Whistle

I just LOVE Wet Your Whistle. Im sitting here waiting for Direct tv and its raining all around me but Im nice and dry on the deck. The View, speechless.

Great Smoky Mtn Jeep Invasion

It was so awesome taking clients to see property and experiencing the energy and excitement of the Jeep invasion. It ran from Aug 23 to 25. And Pigeon Forge was literally swarming with jeeps everywhere. Most all were Wranglers but there were other types sprinkled in....